OPGW Cable

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Image Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire (OPGW) is a revolutionary solution that enables synergies between efficient power distribution grids and high speed optical fiber based SCADA networks, giving power utility companies the unique capabilities of a telecom carrier or service provider. OPGW replaces a conventional ground wire (or earth wire) to protect the transmission system from lightning strikes and serves as a conductive medium for carrying fault currents to ground. OPGW acts as a medium for real-time monitoring and security of the transmission system over which it is installed – doubling up for SCADA controls and network. OPGW provides telecommunications capability utilizing the fibers .OPGW cables are made up of optical fibers contained in one Or more protective fiber optic units combined with concentric lay Stranded metallic wires in single or multiple layers. Advanced technology is applied to produce stainless steel tubes Which are then filled with special hydrogen absorbent Thixotropic filling compound and made resistant to H2 Permeability due to the seam laser welded, hermetically sealed Construction. The cable is of compact structure reducing both the ice load and wind load and ensures quick dissipation of heat generated by short circuit. The cable is designed to match the existing ground wires in more or less equal outer diameter and pulling force-to-weight ratio. Hence, the cable can replace the existing ground wire with no need to change the route or towers. OPGW cable is produced strictly according to IEEE1138 and relevant international standards pertaining to its Constituents.

PGW Hardware

Bolted Dead End for OPGW

Dead end is a full-tension termination for optical ground wire cable (OPGW).

Wedge Dead End for OPGW

Optical ground wire (OPGW) wedge dead end improves the ease and speed of installing OPGW as compared to bolted and formed wire devices.

Mechanical Suspensions Single and Double

The unique design of the lightweight Mechanical Suspension supports spans of optical ground wire (OPGW) cable through a wide range of line angle changes.

HIBUS® Series OPGW Suspension

The Hinged Bushing Suspension (HIBUS) is designed to reduce the static and dynamic stress at the attachment point on all types of OPGW fiber cables without the use of protective rods.

HIBUS® Series OPGW Trunnion

The HIBUS Trunnion is designed to reduce the static and dynamic stress at the attachment point on all types of OPGW fiber cables without the use of protective rods.

Bonding Clamps for OPGW

The bonding clamp is used to ground OPGW to the tower by attaching to the tower grounding wire.

Downlead Clamps for OPGW and ADSS

The downlead clamps are used to guide optical ground wire (OPGW) from the top of the structure to the splice box.

OPGW Vibration Damper

Vibration dampers work to cancel damaging fatigue caused by wind-induced vibration. Most tuned damping devices operate best near their natural frequencies.