what we do?

Power Cables Turnkey Solutions


We think in solutions, and deliver to meet your needs.

As a full-solution partner, ESP is a one-stop shop. We provide you not only with cables and accessories; we can also offer complete project solutions. For EPS, customer focus means giving customers exactly what they need, both with products and services. To achieve this, we always listen to our customers in order to understand their requirements, and develop appropriate solutions. This involves also providing expert advice in all areas of the projects to ensure that our customers receive no less than what they need, but don't end up paying for more.

Our turnkey solutions include

  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Cable laying
  • Cable-related civil and marine works
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management

OHTL Turnkey Solutions


EPS is specialized in offering Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction Solutions for Single Circuit, Double Circuit and Multi Circuit Transmission Lines of various voltage ratings in India and Overseas. The division has Completed multiple Overhead High Voltage Transmission line(OHTL) projects in India and overseas via our partners and the following are the various activities performed by our Transmission line Project division.

  • Turnkey Engineering
  • Procurement and Construction.
  • Survey of line route and design of tower foundations.
  • Supply of all required Line Materials (Tower Parts, Conductor, Earthwire, OPGW, Insulators, Hardware Fittings etc)
  • Stub Setting and Installation of foundations.
  • Erection of Towers.
  • Stringing of power Conductors and Earthwire under controlled tension with tensioner and puller machines.
  • Stringing of OPGW under partial line shut down ot live line condition.
  • Fixing of all accessories for a transmission line.
  • Testing and Commissioning.
  • Supply and Erection of Monopoles for Transmission Lines.
  • Transmission Line Maintenance Services-Offline Condition.
  • Project Management and Supervisory Services across the globe.

Substations Turnkey Solution


Merging competence and experience, ARTECHE makes the supply of integrated systems available to its customers, creating customized solutions for every customer.
This position is the result of profound market knowledge, tremendous experience in managing turn-key projects, solutions based on proprietary technology, a team of engineers with more than fifteen years of experience and global responsibility about contracts.
The main clients are electricity companies, large-scale industry and private generation developers.